Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Austin, Texas - Last Big City to Navigate - or I sure hope so.

Yesterday morning we left Janice and Jerry in Beaumont.  Doug wanted to go south to Sea Rim State Park west of Port Arthur.  We knew that the park had been wiped out by Hurricane Ike in 2008 but the website seemed to indicate that it had been restored.  Nope.   Doug tried to at least walk on the beach but couldn't.

*Sorry no pictures*

So we pushed on to Austin.  One wrong turn at Brenham, Texas and we ended up about 45 minutes out of our way.  We arrived in the Austin city limits in RUSH HOUR.  The traffic was awful.  This is one very very busy place.  We got to the park at 7:00 pm.

We are staying at Lone Star RV park.  It is advertised as "voted the #1 RV park in Austin".  It is Passport America so only $21.00 a night.  Everything would be perfect except for the noise.  Interstate 35 is just outside the park and it does not stop.  We are trying very hard to do as Jeri says and imagine the sound is the surf but.....

Today we did pretty much nothing.  A run to Walmart and that's it.  Doug is pretty tired from yesterday's drive and napped a fair amount today.  Tomorrow we will go out and see some sights.  We read in the park's brochure that Austin has the largest urban bat population in North America.  He wants to see that.  Not me.  I will sit in the truck with my eyes and ears covered.


Wanderin' said...

My great grandfather was part of the crew that put the top on the capital in Austin. His picture is still in the capital. Sorry that the surf idea didn't help. Maybe you have to be closer to the ocean.

pweaver said...

Sorry Doug but the bats "flew the coop" in late October. We too missed them when in Austin.

Paul (and Marsha)

palamine said...

Thanks for the information Paul. Whew! I won't have to endure that.

Lee and Loralie said...

Hi...I guess we are just up the road from you. We are in Georgetown but headed to Junction tomorrow (Thur) then Fort Stockton (Fri) and down to Big Bend. Where will you go from Austin and how long will you be there?