Sunday, October 10, 2010

TOBYHANNA STATE PARK, Tobyanna, Pennsylvania - The Poconos

After a particularly tough drive on the New York Thruway ($15.80 toll) we were once again sadly misled by the GPS to Hemlock Camping in Tobyhanna, PA.  When we finally found the campsite, gas light on for no more fuel, they were full.  We asked about other places and according to him, we were SOL.  We decided it was time for Walmart.  Nope  - they don't allow overnighters.  While Doug unstressed, I walked for Kentucky Fried.  The chicken was awful.

We decided to try Tobyhanna State Park.  What a pleasant surprise.  Located on a former artillery range, it's an old park but they had room.

We were quite comfortable there and stayed two nights.  Strange thing - no hookups but laundry facilities.

We befriended a young couple opposite us and shared their campfire with them.  They are pretty strapped for cash and are trying to earn a living in the renovations business.  They were quite delightful and were really impressed with our life style.

Today was a much better day and we reached Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  We have a few things we want to do here and will be staying at least four days, maybe five.


Wanderin' said...

I understand the no hookups but still has a laundry. The place we are at is under construction. Currently all sites are without hookups because the FHU sites are being redone. So, no hookups but yet there is a laundry, huge shower facilities, a store and everything else you might need.

Linda said...

The campground we tried last week was full but our backup campground had space so, once again, we got away with having no reservations. Then, today I got nervous today as we approached our hoped for campground only to find several rigs coming towards us. Whew! It appeared to be people who had negotiated late checkout for Columbus Day so we are settled in for a week in Connecticut.