Wednesday, October 27, 2010

SKIDAWAY ISLAND STATE PARK - Sightseeing Again not Slightseeing

Now that we have a time line from the Flagstaff dealership (axle arrives Tuesday and they install Wednesday), we can get back to sightseeing in beautiful Savannah.

Janice and Jerry had given us some recommendations to do in and around Savannah.  The Bonaventure Cemetery was one of them.  Janice, we did our best but it is so hot and humid here that we were just there for a little while.  Graveyards are creepy enough but somehow in the heat with the ground steaming, it's creepier!

We had to get gas after the cemetery and visited the local Parker's gas station.  I noticed that they had bumper stickers and I got one and doctored it a bit.  Cute eh?

 We continued on to Tybee State Park and the beach.  Doug had the idea he would like to go for a swim.  We did not anticipate that we wouldn't be able to bring the dog on the beach.  So we dunked our feet in the Atlantic for a bit.  This was not the first time we have waded in the Atlantic.  We did so in Littlehampton, England.

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Wanderin' said...

The new sticker looks like it was made for Parker! Glad to hear you're getting all fixed up.