Thursday, October 21, 2010

PAULA DEEN'S - the LADY and SON - Savannah

There was no way I could be in Savannah and not go to Paula Deen's.  At any cost.  I watched her on the Food Network whenever I could.  We also have a very dear friend who probably won't live much longer, who watches her everyday.  This is for you John!

I had read on the internet that you had to make reservations in person at a Host kiosk in the front of the restaurant.  I guess I missed the part about only same day reservations were accepted.  We were there about 1:00 pm so I made reservations for 5:00 pm, we took Parker back to the rig, had a nap and off we went.

I must say at this point that we like a lot of things about Savannah and one of them is the fact that the freeway system works so well.  Skidaway State Park is at one end of Harry S. Truman Thruway and downtown is at the other.  Many shopping malls are all along it as well.

Anyhow, back to Paula Deen's.  If you haven't been, here's the goods.  You check in about 1/2 before your reservation, you line up on the opposite side of the street and you wait until a young man comes out.  He works the crowd, so much fun.  Then a young woman comes out and calls names, about 6 groups at a time.
If you miss your time by 15 minutes, your reservation is given away to "standbys". 

We figured out that the restaurant operates by seating times.  Everyone for 5:00 pm goes in and as they start to leave, the next group comes in.

So how was it?  Scrumptious!  Simply yummy.  After the fact, we would not have had the buffet because even though everything was great, you didn't really have the opportunity to savor it.  We had an appetizer called "Shore is Good" which was a fish dip with toast.  It was marvelous.

Most of you know, my bucket list has "to have a mint julep on a veranda in Savannah".  Even though mint juleps were not on the menu, they made me one.  As far as the veranda goes, I'll keep looking.

<<<<<<Mint julep - bourbon, water, sugar and mint leaves.

>>>>>>>The waitress was great and she took our picture for us.

The buffet has about fifteen items.  We tried most of them.  I wasn't too happy to try rutabaga as I am not a lover of any type of turnip.  The Southern Fried Chicken was incredible.  How they get it so crispy but not at all greasy, I am going to have to find out. 

So we had the mint julep, a pumpkin ale, an appetizer and the buffet which includes a biscuit and "ho" cake and a choice of three desserts and the total bill..........$58.12 (laughable by Vancouver standards).  And the bill has a buy one entree get one free at Paula's brother's place - Uncle Bubbas.

Okay, food pictures.

As you can see, the biscuit was so yummy I couldn't wait for the picture.


Jim and Sandie said...

I'm so glad you got to Paula's - are you going to her son's? And the food looks wonderful. I'd love to try the fried chicken.

Wanderin' said...

Is laughable cheap or expensive? I LOVE the Food Channel and Paula Deens' would have been on my list along with Bobby and Rachel and Gordon. However, they aren't all in Savannah.

palamine said...

We think that the price was low. At
"home" we go out for dinner to a wonderful Greek place that we think is reasonably priced and it is $10.00 more.

palamine said...

Yes, Sandie I do think we will go to Uncle Bubbas' After all it's 1/2 price.