Wednesday, October 13, 2010

CHOCOLATE - Hershey Pennsylvania

As chocolate is our passion, his - milk chocolate, mine - the darker the better, the Hershey Chocolate tour was an essential stop for us.

The actual tour is free and cute.  Not a real tour of the factory but a reenactment of the factory.  Cute, but the music was a bit tedious.

We also took in the chocolate tasting course for $9.95 each.  This was fun and informative.  We learned a few things about chocolate.  I didn't realize the cocao pod was so big.  We got to taste 6 samples and learned to appreciate the differences.  The take-aways were nearly worth the cost of admission.

It was a beautiful day for a drive.  We drove back to Gettysburg and had a look around.  Gettysburg is a very pretty place.  Very old and very well maintained.

Tomorrow is our last day in Gettysburg and we still have to go to the Miniature Diorama.  And I have to visit the Outlet Mall one more time.

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