Thursday, July 22, 2010

Merritt to Armstrong - July 14th to now

I am going to try to summarize the last ten days.  I think I can do that by looking at my pictures.  Let's see

This is just a pretty picture of a Monarch butterfly on a dahlia when we went out for lunch at the Quilchena Inn in Merritt.  We felt like "somebodys".  Our lunch guest flew in in his plane.  The guest is a friend of David and Elizabeth's who owns a container business.  His plane is a 1958 Piper Cub.

The day after we got to Merritt, we drove over to Salmon Arm to visit with Doug's Mom who lives with Doug's cousin Aila.  Aila and husband Ron had hosted their son's wedding on the Saturday night and the next morning, this happened.  Wow, that was a 50 year old willow and it came down right in front of them at Sunday breakfast.

This is Doug, his mother and his brother David.
On the Saturday night, my sister-in-law and I prepared an amazing dinner for 10 guests.  I took pictures of every course except the main.  The main course was oven BBQ ribs, garden peas and first dug potatoes.  I know how we all love to eat so here are some pictures.  The first is cold peach soup, the second is crab and avacado (somethings) and dessert was triple chocolate cake with brandied cherry sauce and whip cream.  Enjoy!

This is Elizabeth and I picking the peas.  This is the view from the window of our fiver. This is the view from the driveway at about ten o'clock.

And now we have moved along about 3 hours to Doug's family's farm that is now owned by our nephew Andrew and his partner Avee.  We will be here until next weekend when we have the Seventh Annual Teece Family reunion.  These guys are loads of fun and we expect to have just that.


Wanderin' said...

Don't tease us with just pictures of food, send the food!

Jim and Sandie said...

I agree with Jeri - send food!!! That looked fantastic. And I love the butterfly.

Linda said...

Euwww! Sandi ate the butterfly!

See, how hard up we are without you to cook for us? And I wasn't even there when you were cooking for the group! I plan to be there next time, though.

palamine said...

Thanks you guys you make me feel so needed. I am looking forward to cooking for all of you.