Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tillamook - Familiar Territory

We are getting so good at preparing to leave.   This morning we left Harbor Vista park in Florence, Oregon by 8:30 am.  We were not sorry to leave and we may not revisit this park.  Very few of the sites get much light.  It may be sunny outside but the sun does get through the trees.  The rig was starting to get very damp.  We had to leave all the cupboards open, leave the doors and windows open and turn up the heat.

Up the coast, the scenery is beautiful.  You can never get enough.  Parker thought so too.

We set out up the 101 (most rv'ers use Hwy #'s and we don't know many so I want to use them when I know them) towards Tillamook.  We know this highway quite well so the road held no surprises.  It's twisting and turny and some hang over the edge.  We had no problem, except....when we went to the bank in Lincoln City and had quite a time getting out of the parking lot. 

Next stop - Tangiers Outlet Mall in Lincoln City.  I have been shopping there many times and know it's best I go on my own.  I left Doug in the rig and shopped by myself.  I don't really like shopping but if I know what I am looking for, I zoom in on it and then I am done. And I NEVER buy anything that is not on sale.   I got Converse high tops for Graeme regularly $49.99 for $29.99.  I got two t-shirts at Lane Bryant for $7.25 each.  And I found my perfect "big little black dress" at Liz Claiborne.  Regular price $145.99 marked down to $49.99.  The sales clerk asked if I was a member, would I like to be one, did I have any coupons and eventually she said "Well, I can't charge you $49.99!" and gave me an additional $10.00 off.  Wow, you know I love it so much I would have paid the $145.99.  I will post a picture some time.  It is so classic, I love it.

When we got to Tillamook and found the RV park we had phoned ahead for, we didn't like it.  It was full of seemingly permanent residents and it was in the forest again.  We found another park, apparently quite new and almost empty.  The first one was going to be only $11.00 a night with Passport America and this one is $25.00 a night but the difference is unbelievable.  Bright, sunny and oh so clean.  We will stay tonight and tomorrow night.  We are going to the cheese factory for breakfast.  Breakfast at the cheese factory is fantastic.  Of course we are excited because now that we have an rv we can actually buy more ice cream than you can just fit in a cone.  Yummmm

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Wanderin' said...

Parking in the trees was what we used to love about the Pacific NW. Now we hate it! When we moved to Texas we realized became Tex-i-fied.
And, I HATE paying full price for anything !!