Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tillamook - Day 2

We got up early and went to Tillamook Cheese Factory for breakfast.  Yummy and very reasonable.  We were amazed at the number of people having ice cream cones at 8:00 am.  In fact, one family had cones, loaded into a van and left.  Ten minutes later they were back and two of them had cones again.

After we did the tour for about the sixth time (they have new signs and new information and there was more going on in the factory than we have ever seen) we shopped for some souvenirs for family.  We had the store clerk take this silly picture. 

We went to the locate sporting goods store to see if they had a water "bladder".  They did but they wanted $200 for it.  We will wait for Camping World.  We saw this hunter's costume in the store.  Can you imagine your husband coming home in this get up?

Doug needed some new gum boots.  Doesn't he look cute in them.


Wanderin' said...

Like you, we've done the Tillamook Cheese Factory at least six times. They have great clam chowder too. And, I'm sure we'll do it again this summer. Love it!!

Linda said...

You've already proved to us that Doug looks cute in anything!