Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Change in the Weather

After yesterday's beautiful weather Doug and I had discussed going for a hike up Sweet Creek which is about 8 miles east of Florence.  We had gone a couple of years ago and it was long but doable.  Parker would have liked it.  The weather clouded up.  We also discussed renting a dune buggy at last.  Every time we have come here over the past decade, we have planned to do so but the weather is never good enough.  The dune buggy places need reservations and we are unwilling to reserve and then have to go in the rain.  Oh well, maybe next time.

So we stayed home.  I baked and cleaned and Doug did a bit of truck maintenance and went up on the roof to remove a little branch that has been there who knows how long.  I baked an apple pie and two batches of cookies.  These are for you Terry and Jerry.

  Come and get them.

We did a big grocery shop and tried to print a bunch of pictures from our "thumb"  That didn't work so we will load them on a CD to print.  We are going to fill several brag books to show our computer illiterate friends and family.

Good night.


Wanderin' said...

Did you freeze them and then mail them?

Vicki and Porter said...

Better yet, CAN you box them and mail them... Looks great! Porter and Vicki