Friday, March 19, 2010

The Aliens have landed!!

Until today, we have had this 38 site park entirely to ourselves.  Today is the first day of Oregon's spring break and the aliens have arrived.  We have not seen many kidlets since last August.  They are everywhere tonight.  Bikes, skateboards, roller skates and NOISE.  Yes we do love children but we have been spoiled.

We are also aware that we have become, those people.  The people we saw when we were tent campers.  The ones we snickered about because they had their tvs on and were hardly roughing it.  Isn't it wonderful.

This morning I baked bread but once again it did not turn out.  I have come to realize that the flour here is different.  When we get back to Canada I will try again and see what happens.  Until then, it's just too disappointing.

After lunch Doug brought some shells back from the beach to save for the grandchildren.  But alas, some of them were occupied.  Little hermit crabs climbed out when I went to wash them.

So he had to take them back to the beach and set them free - Born Free as free as the wind blows......

We stayed around and fed the birds and then went into town and out to dinner.  We have come to Florence for years and years and always used to go to Mo's.  We have given them 3 chances over the past 3 years and the food has gotten crappy.  Last time we were here we asked a local and they recommend ICM which is right next door to Mo's.  It was fantastic then and again tonight.

We Escapees love to eat and love to show off the food we eat.  So here you go Jeri and Terry, Janice and Jerry and Sandie and Jim - our dinner at ICM.   Put this on your bucket list.  A must go.
Good night friends from the very sunny, very beautiful Pacific Northwest.


Wanderin' said...

Now that looked yummy! However, had you shown me a bowl of clam chowder from Mo's, I wouldn't have been tempted at all. It tastes like bacon chowder .. you can't taste the clams! I'll have some to show you in the next day or two also. Take care and drive safe.

palamine said...

We know that already. We discussed Mo's clam chowder with you. It didn't used to be like that.