Sunday, February 28, 2010

What a Day for Canada

After not much sleep in the parking lot at Walmart in Bakersville, we got an early start.

Arrived at Park Sierra just before noon. So good to be back but boy do things like different. So green. The trees are in bloom and the flowers too. Our friends had saved us a beautiful site close to them. We got set up, visited with them a bit and just happened to turn on the tv about an hour before the scheduled Canada/US Go for Gold hockey game. It was on! Omigod, what if we had missed it.

But alas, we didn't miss it and thank goodness. What a nail biter. But we won!!!! Gold for our men's hockey team and gold for our women's team too. Sorry our American friends but it's OUR game. It was such a great game we hope that the US catches hockey fever just a little bit more.

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