Saturday, February 27, 2010


As we pulled out of Salton Sea RV Park early this morning the expected clouds were starting to roll in.

First thing, the road in San Bernadino is flooded making a huge backup on the freeway.

Coming across the Mojave, the desert for crying out loud, it rained so hard we could not hear each other.

Going through the mountains, the rain turned to sleet and then to hail. It covered the highway.
Thank goodness, my wonderful husband knows what he is doing. At one point the truck began to jackknife but Doug kept things under control.

Still raining, we made it to Bakersfield and as I write we sit in a Walmart parking lot eating hot dogs because the Walmart we chose doesn`t have groceries. Urghh!

Good night my friends. Be safe

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Wanderin' said...

Please stay safe and off the wet roads! We want to see all three of you later this year!!!