Sunday, February 21, 2010

Still Catching Up But Almost There - January 18th - January 23rd

After we finished up at Quartzsite we had to get back to civilization. Vacuuming, dusting and laundry not to mention stocking up. What better place to do this than Casa Grande. Our friends there were all happy to see us. Although we were not Joan and Ken's neighbours this time, we had a great site next to Randy and Margot. We stayed a week and were sad to leave.

We then met up with Jenna and Bruce at Diamond J RV in Tucson. With Jenna and Bruce we went to The Desert Museum which is more a zoo for cactus and animals than a museum. We really enjoyed the Harris Hawks demonstration. We went for ribs at Tiny's. Very good ribs.

From Tucson we traveled down the road just a bit to Benson, AZ and the Saguaro SKP park. Saguaro is a very beautiful park which has cassitas on most of the sites. Some of the cassitas are very elaborate. Lots are huge, clubhouse is huge. Although have Social Hour 6 days a week, very few show up.

And then we got sick. First Doug and then me. So the next 8 days we were pretty much housebound. Between the two colds, we went to the Kartchner Caverns. Incredible. Unfortunately we discovered that Doug is quite claustrophobic.

When the colds were done, we traveled south from Benson to Tombstone and Bisbee. We loved Tombstone. There we bought Doug a cowboy hat and's definitely him. Had a great afternoon wandering around doing the shops and having lunch.

We also went to Bisbee which is the most southern point we ventured this time out. Bisbee is an old mining town that has been restored. Quite charming but full of hippies that follow you around and offer mis-tour information.

We were not sorry to leave Benson. Unfortunately, it was cold and the town of Benson is less than adequate. It has a depressing Walmart and a very expensive Safeway and that's it.

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