Sunday, February 21, 2010

Almost There - Why, Arizona

We left Benson, snuck in the backdoor at Casa Grande for a haircut and groceries and continued on to Gila Bend for the night. Gila Bend is like the hub of Arizona with highways to the north, south, east and west.

We traveled south to a SKP rally at the tiny town of Why, Arizona. We expected that because this was a Canadian rally, there would be mostly Canadians there. Not so. There were about 20 couples and only four Canadian couples. We reconnected with Sheila and Ray Jecks and Judy and Terry Tanner from Langley. Three days of pot lucks and games. We had a lot of fun, especially with the scavenger hunt in which we had to raid the rigs for many wild and wonderful things. Lots of laughs.

While we were in Casa Grande, we had a brochure stuck in the door of our truck for 3 free nights accommodation at Pilot Knob east of Yuma. We took up the offer. Mistake!!!! We were stuck in a very small site, the laundry was unbelievably small, free Wi Fi was for one day and Doug was very unhappy. We decided to leave. They charged us $35.00 for one night.

At this time we were aware that our friends Jerry and Janice were parked at the BLM directly behind the park. We had them come and lead us to their spot. Shortly after that Jeri and Terry showed up and then Freddy and Delcie.

We circulated the wagons and spent a week. What fun. I cooked for them all and they were impressed. We had campfires most nights and we have all become very close. Some of them are moving out today, some tomorrow and as we need to do some truck maintenance, are staying until Wednesday.

We love it here. Boondocking is much easier when you are in a group and can share. Simple ideas too. We now take our 5 gallon water bottle into town and fill it up and put it in the rig. We will not run out of water if we are careful. We also do our dishes in a wash basin and then throw it in the desert to limit the water in the grey tank.

Doug built another box on the truck and we have much more storage now. The floor in the back seat is empty and the bays are more organized. He also built a box for the third battery we bought. We are learning to boondock and will not be afraid anymore.


Wanderin' said...

Fabulous catch-up.

Joan said...

Congratulations! You deserve a second graduation party! We miss you. Our friends Dcave and Diane were parked next to the Chapter 35 rally. I wish I knew that. they would have enjjoyed meeting you.