Sunday, February 21, 2010

December 1st to January 10th

From Park Sierra and a brief stop at Barstow, we went to our next SKP park, Jojoba Hills, near Temicula, California. Jojoba is a beautiful park, perhaps the most beautiful of all, but it is very pricey and the residents seem a little more private. There is a beautiful pool, massive clubhouse and sauna. There are several laundromats but they have a sign up sheet for times to do your laundry. We stayed a week during which time we had a terrific wind storm.

At this point, December 7th, I was anxious to get somewhere that we could stay over Christmas. I thought that our first Christmas away from family was going to be tough. After a two day stopover at the SKP park, Kofa at Yuma (not as bad as its reputation told us), we arrived at Casa Grande's SKP park Rover's Roost.

Let me tell you here. Rover's Roost is going to be my favourite for quite a long time. The sites are small, the nearby feedlots make it smelly and the clubhouse is quite small but the PEOPLE are amazing. We made so many friends and had so much fun. This park has Social Hour every weekday and almost the whole park shows up everyday. They have an MC at Social Hour and Doug did a great job on his day. Over the month that we were there we got to know at least 60% of the residents and guests. Friends for life Joan and Ken Tarkin, friends Dennis and Nora Doty, Murphy and Gail, Mary McKenzie from Ladysmith, Dave and Lynn Donison from Comox. There are many many Canadians at this park including Grant Johnstone from Cloverdale.

We had Christmas dinner in the rig with Dave and Lynn and Mary as guests. I had bought an electric roasting pan and managed to cook a turkey in it. Christmas was almost as it always had been, sadly without the kids but it was not as I had expected.

The clubhouse put on a great New Years party, wonderful food and dancing.

During our stay at Casa Grande we made many side trips. We attended a Canucks game in Glendale. The Canucks lost in a shootout but it was a great game and the cost......$22.50 and the parking was free. We also went to Apache Junction, The Superstitious Mountains, and Goldfield Mines where we saw an shootout of a different type.

I could go on and on about Casa Grande including the wonderful shopping but suffice to say, we loved our stay/s there.

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