Sunday, February 21, 2010

Catching Up - Even more condensed

I really, really want to get up to date on my blog before my senility sets in and I forget all the wonderful things we have seen and done.

The picture is on Sun Lakes Resort in North Eastern Washington state. As you can see we had the resort to ourselves. We were there for 3 days and the last one was very, very windy.

From Sun Lakes we pushed on to Lincoln City with one stop at Melamose outside of Hood River, Oregon. At Lincoln City we stayed at Coyote Rock Resort. Nice place but we felt out of place as it is more of a fishing resort. From that day forward, Doug always called it "the fish camp".

We then stayed a couple of days at Newport, Oregon at South Beach state park. We parked next to a very nice couple, Andy and Sandy, who we would later visit in their home in Florence, Oregon.

We have always loved Florence, Oregon and have camped there many times in the last 25 years. We often drove by a county park, Harbor Vista, and said one day we would have an rv and we would park there for a while. So we did. Twelve days. Again we had the park to ourselves. We had a fair amount of rain but we enjoyed the solitude. It was time to recuperate from the last two months. Down time, fun time. We know the town well and did a few thrift stores and eating out. We also had lunch at the afore-mentioned Sandy and Andy's house. She make terrific clam chowder and they have an absolutely charming house on a private lake.

From Florence we traveled into California and stayed a couple of night in a shoddy trailer park in Crescent City. We loved the sea lions that are in abundance there.

After an overnight in Upper Lakes, California, we arrived at Park Sierra, a SKP park, north of Fresno, California. Park Sierra is a beautiful park and we wanted to settle down for a while. We arrived October 24th. We attended a Halloween party at the clubhouse. I went as a Canadian. The guests enjoyed that. I made nanaimo bars with orange filling and they enjoyed those too.

We made many friends at Park Sierra; Jenna and Bruce Brod, Mike and Lori Saunders, Wayne and Judy Hale, Peter and tall Mary and our neighbours, Bob and ? who are very old but still so on the ball.

We stayed at Park Sierra for a month, until November 30th. We enjoyed this park very much and I know we will return many times. Some of those friends will be friends for life.

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