Thursday, January 11, 2018


We have decided to move on and this is our plan.  

After an oil change and a wash, we pack up and hit the road.  

We have an appointment in Demming, New Mexico to have a stablizer installed on the motorhome.  Everyone we speak to says it's like "night and day" driving with one.  That will make for a much nicer, safer drive.

From their website:

What Is Steer Safe

Steer Safe Steering Stabilizer is an invaluable tool for your motor home, 18 wheeler, and midsize 5th-wheel tow vehicle. Installed on the front end of these types of vehicles, it helps to ensure amazing control. With Steer Safe, you control the vehicle; it doesn’t control you.
Steer Safe helps protect you against front tire blowouts, potholes, soft shoulders, high winds, wandering, accidental encounters with curbs, and highway medians. It also helps reduce driver fatigue. Steer Safe is the best safety insurance for your vehicle, driver, and passengers.

We will spend a few days exploring the area.  We have been to Demming many times but just for a night as it is right on Arizona's doorstep.

We will then go to Tucson for several days.  We like Tucson.  It has a real south-western flavour.  It is quite large and we plan to stay on the east side of the city instead of our usual south-west side.

After Tucson, we will head to Yuma for a couple of days (and dates).  We love to go to the Arizona Outdoor Market.

*****************************************************  Around here all is well.  Doug and I have both had colds but are almost done with those.  
Yesterday we drove up to Apache Junction to pick up a painting we had purchased from our friends Jim and Sandie's daughter-in-law.  It is very whimsical and fits right in.

Jim and Sandie have recently bought a park model which "lives" in a park in Apache Junction.  Their home is gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous.  I took several pictures but none turned out.  It's a great place for them and their two dachshunds, Skittles and Rocky J.  

After a good visit, we followed them to Kneaders.  We have often intended to try the food at Kneaders., fabulous.  Sandwiches, salads and delicious pastries.  We will definitely visit again.

Our new cat, Zoe, is right at home now.  Like most cats she is a finicky eater but we have experimented and now know what it is she likes.  She is contained in the livingroom/kitchen area overnight.  She doesn't even bother us until morning.  We couldn't ask for a better kitty.


Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

I hope it is warm in Demmining this time of year.
We love Tucson too! Just about the only place we have revisited from all our travels.
Zoe is a doll. Glad all is working out.

Jim and Sandie said...

So good to see you guys again and thanks once more for those wonderful pastries. Wow were they good. Have safe travels and lots of fun. You'll love the steering stabilizer. Love that pic of Zoe.

Wanderin' said...

We added a steering stabilizer to our motorhome. It made a lot of difference. However, we had it installed in Tucson and didn't have to travel to Deming. Hopefully, it'll be warmer there than when we were there last. See you Sunday.