Saturday, July 29, 2017


Let me start by mentioning the weather.  Doug and I figured out that we have not had rain for nine weeks.  Not a drop.  The temperature in the last 2 weeks has been scorching.

We were without any cell/WiFi coverage at our last RV Park.  You can't really call it an RV park but it was definitely unique.  

This was taken from atop one of the hills surrounding Wayne.  We are actually in a coulee.  If you look just to the right of the sun spot you will see our motorhome.

The Last Chance Saloon is in the tiny village of Wayne, Alberta, population 28.  We had found this place on the internet.  It wasn't at all what we expected but we enjoyed it anyhow.

Our first obstacle was just that.  We had take off our car and thread the motorhome around the hotel buildings.  We were all alone in the boondocking area.

Another view of the tiny hamlet of Wayne

The restaurant at the Last Chance Saloon was so busy.  Cars and motorcycles coming all the time.  We tried to go for a meal the first day, no way, 2 hour wait.  On our last evening we went to dinner, early, and there was no one there.  It filled up quite quickly after that.  We soon discovered why it was so busy.  The food was excellent.

The patio of the restaurant

We had come to the Drumheller area to visit the dinosaurs.  The town of Drumheller has overdone it.  There are dinosaurs everywhere and businesses are called "dinosaur this or dinosaur that".

On to the museum.

The museum was hot and very crowded.  The exhibits were interesting but after a while it was "you've seen one you've seen enough".  We weren't there very long.

This was cute because notice the guy to the front left.  He is wearing a Jurassic Park t-shirt.
Doug took this from up on the hill.  That's me - leaving.

So we were there for 3 days and now we are in Medicine Hat for 3 or maybe 4.  

Last night we had a knock on the door and visitors.  Our friend Terri in Ontario had sent her cousin and niece, Brenda and Erin, to visit.  It was startling the family resemblance.


Wanderin' said...

Population of 28 and packed! Well, that must of been 28 people plus 2. Those are fun little towns and then everyone also knows that you're the visitor.

Linda Sand said...

I love a restaurant where you have to go early to get a seat. Bodes well.

Jim and Sandie said...

We've stayed in a couple of campgrounds down in canyons. Their beauty and the peace help to make up for the lack of wifi. Glad the food was worth the visit.