Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Jumping Off: with Abigail Borden by [Laird, Douglas E.]

Fooled you!  No, we do not have the motorhome yet and no, we are not expecting, or giving up our wandering lifestyle.

Doug has written a book.  After three years, it is done.  It will probably surprise most of you and it will particularly surprise our family by its content.  

And who the heck is Abigail Borden ;)?  You'll have to read the book to find out.

My feelings are quite mixed.  I am immensely proud of him.  He wrote this through the eyes of a woman.  He worked on this for three years.  He is a perfectionist so it is perfect.   He had always wanted to write a novel mostly because wanted to see if he could.  We printed a hard copy and shared it with a couple of my good friends.  Their encouragement led him to self-publish.  It is now on Amazon at the link at the bottom of the page.

My other feeling is - Thank Goodness!  I have had to keep this a secret, something I have an incredibly hard time doing, for three long years.  I have spent long, long days of having to be quiet, something also very difficult for me.  

It has been fun too.  I am a stickler for grammar as you know.   I edited.  He changed it and changed it again.  There are things in the book only a woman would know, that was me!  I read it in bits, several times.

So if you are interested go to:

It is available as an e book and as a paper back.  Please let Doug know what you think and please leave a review.


Linda Sand said...

This is SO exciting! I read part of the forward and it caught my imagination so I ordered mine and am looking forward to reading the rest of it.

where's weaver said...

Congratulations to Doug. This is very exciting. I will check it out.
I now know if I tell you to keep a will.

Jan Mains said...

Congratulations to Doug and Congratulations to you for being able to keep a secret.

Palamine said...

Uh oh. Sorry.

Linda Sand said...

Whenever I read a book where I know the author(s) I always wonder how much of them are in the book. Hmmm. Aftershocks, huh?

Wanderin' said...

I'll read it. Honest I will but it just might take me a bit! Hopefully your other news is coming soon!