Thursday, May 18, 2017

Rising Waters

*We are still waiting for probate to finish so we can get our motorhome over here and getting moving*

As some of you are aware the weather in the Pacific Northwest has been very unusual.  Winter lasted a very long time.  There was more snow in some places than in history. The melting snow and the never ending rain has made for much flooding.  

Monck Provincial Park is located on a hillside so there is no chance of actual flooding in the campsite.  However, run off has taken two or three campsites out of the mix.

In the town of Merritt the river that runs through the park is over the road.  Amazing to see crazy drivers speeding through the water.  The surrounding area is more badly off.

This photo is taken from our side of the lake to the rv park on the other side of the lake.  Notice that many rvs are gone.  They have been moved to higher ground.

The ranch land leading into the park is flooded in many areas.  The beekeeper neglected to get his bee hives out and although they are still dry, the road to them is underwater.

The lake is bigger than we have ever seen it.  We understand that the lake is rising 10 inches a day.  The lake is controlled by a dam but that dam is full to capacity.  No more rain please.

This is the 5A highway to Kamloops.  Fishermen can usually fish from the shore?  We have seen a few docks floating free.

And in the park.  These are a couple of before and after photos.  The second one of the boat launch was just days after the first one.  Normally there is another ten feet of concrete and then the ramps.

Our lovely beach is shrinking day by day.

Tomorrow is the beginning of the Victoria Day long weekend and the campground is sold out.  There will be a lot of disappointed fishermen.  Launching their boats will be tricky.  With all the mud in the water the fish will have gone to the bottom and what they do catch will taste muddy.


Linda Sand said...

Mother Nature getting her revenge for out tendency to overbuild? I'm glad you are at least high and dry.

where's weaver said...

Oh boy. Y'all be safe. High water is so dangerous.
Wishing you a fun-filled weekend.

heyduke50 said...

lots of flooding in Arkansas as well...

Unknown said...

I hope probate finishes soon...did the house sell yet? Where will you be heading out to first with your new m home? We are in Ok for wedding July 6. Gorgeous weekend wasn't it!