Wednesday, April 26, 2017

MONCK PARK - Back Again

After an uneventful drive in two vehicles, we arrived at Monck Park Monday afternoon.

  It is always quite a feat to get into our site with our rig and long truck.  This time Doug moved a couple of boulders from the roadside.

The little car waited patiently while the big truck moved our house into position.

And then it was done.  We are in the park hosts' site for this short spell at Monck Park.  

We are really just guests in the park and will be offering advise only this year until all systems are "go".  Donna and Gord  full staff and are anxious to get started.  They have been living in the cabin for nearly a month.

It feels wonderful.  After 10 weeks in the city with the traffic and the obligations, this is a complete turnaround.  The air is so clear, there is no noise, and at night it is black.  We feel all the pressure to do with my Dad's estate rolling off our backs.

Today we are off on a day trip to Kelowna and area in search of our dream motorhome.


Jim and Sandie said...

Enjoy the peace and quiet and good luck with the motorhome hunt.

Wanderin' said...

That's exactly right. Enjoy the area and relax as much as you can. You'll be on the road again soon.