Sunday, December 4, 2016


We left Corpus Christi.  Good riddance we say.  

We over nighted at Walmart in Del Rio, Texas and let me tell you, that is the best most hospitable Walmart for RVers yet.  They actually have designed sites for RV only!  The lot is level and at the side of the store.  It was super quiet.  Free WiFi too.

We had a very interesting stop at Judge Roy Bean Museum at Langtry, Texas.  We had just planned this stop and our friend Jan, messaged saying not to miss it.  Thank you Jan.

When you look at Big Bend on the map you see it is just that "BIG".  It's not until you get there you realize just how big.  We kept going and going wondering if we would ever get to Cottonwood Campground and would we get a spot?  No problem.  It was practically empty the whole time we were there.

Beautiful campground.  Sites are a bit small but we managed.  The park staff visits all day long.  And the animals.  Javelinas came every day, usually a group of seven.   The birds are exotic.  We saw jack rabbits and then....a bob cat.  Doug sat and watched as the bobcat stalked a jack rabbit but a car came and spooked the rabbit.


Vermilion fly catcher

Jack rabbit

Young bobcat

Sneaking bob cat
We did all the exploring we could in the park.  Doug did several short hikes while I waited in the truck.  Our arthritis has been acting up.  Doug is almost better but we don't want to rush it.

Rio Grande river

St. Elena gap where the Rio Grande flows to Mexico

From the campsite, you could see this.  It has a name but I forget.

From the lodge patio, the trail showing what they call the Window.  We could actually see this from the campsite 35 miles away once we knew what we were looking at.

We had an excellent lunch at the lodge patio at the Chisos Mountains section of the park.

Friday night there was a thunderstorm and wind and rain.  We thought it would be a temporary thing but alas no sunshine means no solar and generators are not allowed anywhere in the park.  So today we left.

Once again we are at Walmart, snug as bugs in rugs (rigs ;)) and tomorrow we will head to the Escapee Park, The Ranch after a stop at Carlsbad Caverns.


Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

Looks like quite a learning experience seeing all the history around you.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It's about time.

Wanderin' said...

Sounds like you're having quite an adventure this year. Take your time and see what you can see. You never know when you'll be back that way.

Peter + Beatrix said...

From the looks of it you have been in the very same spot at Cottonwood where we were in January 2006. The Javelinas came by and one was looking through a gap of our RV-door!! The tree next to us (also in your picture) had a bee's nest which was taken down by the rangers. And while we were there, a woman was attacked by a bobcat at the hot spring. It's a lovely place and we stayed for a few days.

Linda Sand said...

Beautiful wildlife pictures! Thanks for sharing them. Glad you are enjoying these last couple months south.

Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Oh my gosh. That bobcat looks so awesome. Great photos.
We have only heard great things about Big Bend. We had planned to stop there on our way back to Houston after our AZ visit this winter. We decided that we will be doing so much traveling Jan.-March, that we will save Big Bend for next year. I didn't know that generators weren't even permitted in the campgrounds.