Friday, October 28, 2016


I am a few days behind in my blogging so I better get to New Orleans.  There is a lot happening at Betty's RV to blog about but that's for another day.

New Orleans, what can I say.  Try to say only positive things girl!  

We stayed at Pontchartrain Landing RV resort.  This is a very posh place and quite expensive but it accepts Passport America.  We have been there before.

They have a shuttle bus to the French Quarter that runs twice a day.  The last time we were at Pontchartrain Landing, we had our dog and were unable to leave him that long.  This time we would do the French Quarter.

Looking down Bourbon Street

We decided that we would take our truck so that we would not have to be on their timetable if we did not want to stay.  It turned out to be a good choice except that our truck was too big for the parkade.  We scraped the top and had to drive over curbs to make the turns.

In our opinion, we are not sorry that we went but it is something that we won't need to go back.  The two highlights of the evening were these boys,

and their drums.  The rhythm was incredible.  They just come down on their bikes to entertain the masses.

The other highlight for us was the food.  We found Desire Oyster Bar.  We tried the oysters and they were okay.  We both had different salads and both were excellent.  We enjoyed watching the oyster shuckers.

Generally speaking the French Quarter was dirty and smelly.  To be frank, we did not feel comfortable.  A big part of that was probably to do with the fact that we do not drink much.  Alcohol is abundant in the French Quarter.

We are now at Betty's RV in Abbeville and having a fun fun fun time with like-minded RVers.


Jan Mains said...

The thing I remember is the smell of garbage everywhere.

Wanderin' said...

We've enjoyed the times we've visited the French Quarter. That was mainly because there were many interesting things to see and delicious food to taste.

Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

We had a wonderful time in the French Quarter. We took Kelly and Carrie when they were about 23 and 24. They loved seeing all the strange people and eating some amazing food.