Monday, May 30, 2016


An unillustrated blog is best I can do today.  This is why.

On our long weekend, the park was sold out.  We had about 10 in overflow as well.  We worked our butts off.  No incidents because we had 9 sites with
R. C. M. P. campers.  Two of them brought their police cars.  Works great as a deterrent.   All sites sold means all sites to be cleaned afterwards.

Wednesday we had our annual doctor's appointments in Vancouver.   Nearly three hours there and we didn't stay over.  We had our schedule all worked out but in the end had an hour to spare before we met our friends Sreedevi and Anil for dinner.  We decided to browse in an RV dealership.  Just inside the door was sofa bed from a new motorhome that had just sold.  $200 deal could not be missed.  The staff was very helpful trying to get it in the backseat.  Not going to work.  I asked the wonderful woman helping us if she had anything we could wrap it in so we could put it on the top of the boxes in the back and we wouldn't risk getting it wet. I meant like plastic or paper.   She gave us a brand new bedspread from the same motorhome (boy the buyers must have been fussy).  We wrapped it all up and got it home.  We had left at 7:00 am and we got back at 11:45 pm.  What a long day!

The next day I did a 12 hour shift.

Jason and his family came camping on Friday and I made the meal for all of us.

On Saturday we had a family birthday to go to in Armstrong, about 4 hours away.  We were at the party from noon until 7:00 pm. We stayed over that night but the bed in the motel was very hard and neither of us slept much.  We had to run errands for the store the next day and got back about noon.  Doug worked at 3:00.

Needless to say we were (still are exhausted).  We have promised ourselves no more weeks like that.

AND SO THAT IS MY EXCUSE! and I am sticking to it.


Jan Mains said...

What a great deal on a sofa! You are lucky people to find a bargain.

where's weaver said...

Wow. Now that is a full week.
I saw the photo of the sofa on FB. Looks lovely.
Hope you get some rest this week.

Wanderin' said...

What a good deal on your sofa. You have strike when you find them because others would. You definitely had a busy weekend. Maybe the week will be a bit more restful.

Linda Sand said...

Apology accepted. Especially since I have NO excuse at all.