Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Robbins Nest RV, Overton, Nevada
Our plan had been that on Sunday morning, we were going to go into the park in Overton, Nevada.  One night to dump and fill.  However, Friday morning we realized that there was a "bring the dogs, bring the ducks, and shoot the ducks" event happening in the park.  They were rolling in around noon.  We have experienced this event before and had no desire to stick around.  So we moved into the park on Friday by 1:00 pm

 The highway north from Overton, through Tonopah is long and very bleak.
 You can see for about 20 miles.  This section of highway is referred to as The Extraterrestrial Highway because the famous Area 51 is somewhere out there.

There are signs of aliens everywhere, even on the cow warnings.

 The cow warnings are very necessary.  We saw a cow and her calf dead on the edge of the highway.  Awful sight.

 This is all that is left of Warm Springs and yet it is marked on our map.  As you can see by the sign below it was very high.  We went up up up and then down down down over and over again.

We reached our first destination, Walker Lake just north of Hawthorne, Nevada for the night.  Walker Lake is very odd, almost otherworldly.

 One night at Walker Lake and on we go.  The next leg would take us across California, through Susanville and out to the I5 at Red Bluff.  Quite a different trip.  Still up and down but with SNOW and lots and lots of trees.

 We reached the Walmart at Red Bluff just in time to watch the Academy Awards.  I look forward to the show every year but more so this year because our son-in-law won a technical Oscar for his Airwall, a giant green screen.  They had actually received the award two weeks previous but we were expecting to see a snippet of that night.  We did, a very tiny snippet.  

daughter Niki, ready for the Oscars

Mike and Niki, ready for the Oscars

Doug's brother Bill and Mike
We won't go on about how disappointed I was in the whole show.  I've ranted enough.

Up bright and early and on to Oregon.

Never tire of pictures of Mount Shasta
 We had planned to overnight at the Escapee park in Sutherlin, Oregon but Doug wanted to push on.  We arrived at Florence, Oregon about suppertime.  We are staying at the casino for a few nights and then into the county park for a few more.  It was really rainy this morning.  The wind has remained but it's now quite sunny.  Good for the solar.

Rain on the kitchen window.


Wanderin' said...

We've been that route. I think we all have favorite routes and that one is definitely not our favorite. Time for you to take a rest before you head on north.

our awesome travels said...

Nice to take it slow and easy when you can.

Jan Mains said...

Are you getting anxious to get back to BC?

Jim and Sandie said...

Been awhile since we have been up that route. I had forgotten about the up and down. Glad you're resting for a few days before making the last mad dash.

Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

Glad you are having a trouble free trip. Now the hard push is over you can coast the rest of the way.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It's about time.

Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

What in the world is "bring the dogs, bring the ducks, and shoot the ducks"?

Walker Lake looks beautiful.

Please pass along our congratulations to Mike. Great job! Not a fan of the Oscars at all!

Linda Sand said...

Congratulations to Mike! Nice to have technical people in the family but Wow that's quite an accomplishment!