Thursday, March 10, 2016

OREGON AND BACK - Sooner than Planned

 How did it come to be that we are back in Langley nearly a week early.  

Our plan was to head to the Oregon Coast and park at our two favourite casinos.  First was Three Rivers Casino in Florence.  We like Florence.  There are lots of things to do.  Good places to eat, good thrift stores.  The kinds of things we enjoy.  The buffet at the casino is very good.  Our first night was fine.  The morning of the second day, we noticed a semi in the corner.  Someone came and started a very big generator and then left.  All night long it ran.  The next morning we reported it to the security staff but they were uninterested.

We moved to Harbor Vista County Park.  Power and water for $27.50 a night, a bit steep but we needed a break and a new plan.  We stayed three days.

Doug loves the seagulls.  He finds them very amusing.

The beach at North Jetty
 We had only a short trip to our next stop so we were able to take in the sights.

Heceta Lighthouse

We haven't been to the Sea Lion caves for several years.  We know now to ask how many seals are at home.  Many this time.

This sea lion was king of the hill but not for long
 Our next stop, our favourite on the coast, Chinook Winds Casino in Lincoln City.  Our plan was a week in the casino lot.

What's this?  The lot has all been ruled off in truck stop size sites and it was so full.  You must earn your stay by gambling.  300 points gets you 3 days and then you must earn more points to extend your stay.  Now we could have handled this if the sites were doable.  You could barely open your door without touching the next rig.  We left!

At this point, we were tired and decided that we would change our plan and just head for "home".  

The next night we overnighted at The Blue Heron cheese factory in Tillamook.  We were alone and it was quite enjoyable.  They have a petting zoo and the guinea fowl wander free.  Funny looking birds.

Guinea fowl

Blue Heron Cheese Factory

After a great breakfast at near-by Tillamook Cheese Factory, we pushed on.

The long, long bridge at Astoria.  Over the Columbia River which is the border between Oregon and Washington
 Our friends Jenna and Bruce gave up full-timing a few years ago.  They have a lovely home in Sequim, Washington.  We spent an afternoon and dinner with them.

Jenna and Clancy.

We pulled out of Jenna and Bruce's driveway early and boarded the ferry at Port Townsend.  This is a great route to avoid Seattle. 

In the line up for the ferry at Port Townsend.
One last stop to have lunch at Olive Garden in Burlington with friends Joe and Sharon.  Fun to catch up with them.

We made Langley by 3:00 pm.  It was pouring down rain.  Then came the winds.  Most of the area (100,000 homes) have no power so we are now downtown at our daughter's house to do laundry.

Stay tuned.


Jim and Sandie said...

Loved the sea lion caves. Your leisurely trip north wasnt meant to be and I'm glad you're safely back.

Jim and Sandie said...

Loved the sea lion caves. Your leisurely trip north wasnt meant to be and I'm glad you're safely back.

Wanderin' said...

Definitely like the area you traveled. There's a great County Park on Hwy 4 for $10 a night that overlooks the Columbia. Storms seem to be hitting every place and I think it's enough of that! At least you're now where you need to be and have all summer to get ready to head south again.

Linda Sand said...

It's frustrating when our favorite places change the rules. All your plans suddenly go out the window. It's nice to be home again, though.