Sunday, February 21, 2016


We have begun our northern trek back to British Columbia.  There are several ways we can go.  We don't like to rush back but we don't like to drag it out either.  

We are in Overton, Nevada for the next little while.  

Overton Wildlife Management is free for 8 days of camping.  There are several spots that have shelters, tables and BBQs.  We arrived when there was no one here and are in the site furthest from the noisy lime plant across the street.  The plant doesn't have regular hours so it's quite bearable.

The little town of Overton has pretty much everything a boondocker could ask for except a laundromat.  For that reason we stay in the Wildlife Management area until we have to do laundry.  Thursday we will check in to one of the two RV parks in town.  That way we can dump and fill and do laundry.  We haven't been "plugged in" since January 4th.  Free is good.

We are here just a little bit earlier this year and we notice that there are fewer animals in our site.  Usually we have squirrels, rabbits and lots of birds.  We have seen only one quail, a pair of mockingbirds and many, many what we call non-descript brown birds in our site.

Doug took a walk in the park early one morning an got lots of pictures.

These egrets must be so light to sit up there in these flimsy trees

Canada Geese (ours) and snow geese getting ready to fly north




Wanderin' said...

Love the pictures and love not being around hundreds of thousands of people.

Jim and Sandie said...

We may be checking into that place when we finally get to head north this year. I do like free.

our awesome travels said...

Looks like a very nice boondock spot, enjoy.