Saturday, February 13, 2016

A GREAT NEW FIND - Buckeye Hills Regional Park

On a great tip from our friends, Terry and Edi, we have been staying a few days at Buckeye Hills Regional Park.  This is about an hour north of Gila Bend on Route 85.  The actually town of Buckeye is about 10 minutes from the park and has a Walmart.  Phoenix is a little less than an hour east. 

We met up with friends Jim and Sandie for lunch in Phoenix.  Great food at a place called City Bistro.  Sorry no picture of Jim and Sandie just one  of the food.

It was called The Arrogant Turkey and it was delicious.

There are actual "sites" in the park with sun shelters, BBQ's and tables but we choose to park in the wild.  There are washrooms somewhere but there is no water or a dump station.

The weather has been amazing.  Temperatures nearly 90*.  The new sunshade is definitely appreciated.  We were actually able to sit outside.
It does cool down dramatically in the evening and it's downright chilly in the morning.

Scrabble and lunch.  I won this one
There are beautiful sunrises and sunsets.  I always say to Doug, "they all look the same" but he insists not.


 This is not the first time that we have discovered that geckos like to live in abandoned fire pits.

You have to look closely but he is there.
This morning we head back to Quartzsite to meet up with Terry and Edi (our storkers) and some new friends for a few days.  

And so it begins, our long trek north.


Jim and Sandie said...

So glad we could meet up before you start your journey. Be safe.

Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Oh dear, Toni. I think every sunrise and sunset is different. One more beautiful than the other. Safe travels.