Saturday, January 30, 2016

WHERE ARE THE LAIRDS TODAY - and for a few more weeks


We were lucky enough to snag a really great site in the desert.  We even have a tree.  Well a bush really, a creosote bush.

Hard to tell in this picture but we are angled across the corner of the compound for maximum privacy.

We bought a sun shade that attaches to our awning and it is SO nice to have to use it at last.

 Doug loves to walk in the desert.  I make sure he wears his hat and takes a radio with him in case he wanders off.

He takes great pictures of the desert.  Lots of them.  I share a few of the best.

The ocotillo bushes are going into leaf.  Maybe we will be here when they bloom.  They are beautiful, dark orange.

Our long time friends, Freddy and Delcie, are just down the road.  We got together and went to our favourite eating place.  You guessed it - Lin's.

Today we went shopping, and then to see Star Wars.  It was a great day.  Simple but just what we like.  It's impossible to doubt the choice that we made.   Life on the road.


Wanderin' said...

It's nice that you're able to relax and enjoy the desert you love. Glad that Freddy and Delcie are close neighbors. You can keep tabs on each other.

our awesome travels said...

Enjoy your time there, gotta love the desert.

where's weaver said...

You two are living the good life. Keep up the good work

Jan Mains said...

We might be in your area as we plan to visit the presidential libraries in CA. It will be about 3 weeks before we get there.

Linda Sand said...

Glad to see Doug wearing his hat. Dave almost always wore his too yet he is about to have two more basel cell carcinomas removed--from his nose and his scalp this time. Wear lots of sun screen everyone.