Tuesday, January 5, 2016

AJO, Arizona

On Monday, we packed up and pulled out of the Escapee park, Rovers' Roost in Casa Grande, after a full month.  This is pretty much the only time we spend in a park each winter.

This is a cool car we saw the night before we left.

In great shape, eh?

Ajo is about 100 miles from Casa Grande, west and then south.  A very easy drive, the best kind.  We park south of the town.  We got the same boondocking "site" as we did last year.  

It was sunny and relatively warm when we arrived.  It got windy and then turned cold.  We aren't concerned about the weather while we are here.  We spent today in jammies with our blankies watching movies (thank you Debbie).  Warm and cozy and so relaxing.

Although we are fairly isolated, dozens of Border Patrol cars go by all day long, so we are safe.  The little town of Ajo is just down the road about 5 minutes.  It has some interesting shops and a great thrift store.  Tomorrow!

We will be here until Friday and then head back to our favourite boondocking place, Pilot Knob, just over the California border, near Yuma.


Wanderin' said...

Arizona sure is getting hit with cold weather this winter. Staying warm and snuggled up is the only way to get through it. Enjoy!

Peter + Beatrix said...

We know the site at Ajo and loved it. Sometimes they have music jams in the nearby community hall.

heyduke50 said...

maybe we will include Ajo as a stop next year

our awesome travels said...

So many great boondocking places in the desert got to love it !

Linda Sand said...

The car is an Edsel. Named after Edsel Ford. One of the few cars I can recognize.

We are having what the weather forecasters call "wintry mix" which is supposed to turn into plain snow tonight. Wish I was down there with you. We plan to stay home the next few days but we are not nearly as good at cooking as you are.

Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

We have friends that just love Ajo. We have never been there. Enjoy.