Friday, December 11, 2015


Doug and the Solar

On Wednesday afternoon, the FedEx van brought our solar package just as they promised.  Three day delivery.

On Thursday afternoon, Doug completed the installation without any problem.  

The wiring comes down from the roof, through a cabinet in the bedroom and down through the floor to the front bay where our batteries are

He is really happy with the product and the service.  Today it is really cloudy but on the next sunny day we are going to go "off the grid" and see how it goes.


Christmas preparations are getting done, seemingly effortlessly.  The Christmas puddings are done, the Christmas cakes are done.  The little bit of Christmas baking I have done has been eaten and I am ready for batch #2.

The outside decorations are up.

The Christmas tree is up.  I added 100 mini lights this year.  Where are they?


I did most of my Christmas shopping on-line and the few cards I had to do are in the mail.

Random Roof Photos

This morning Doug took some pictures from the roof.  Some of our friends back in British Columbia were somewhat concerned because there seemed to be no trees around.  There are and here are photos to show that.

Looking to the south west

Looking to the north west

Looking to the north east

Looking to the south east
We went to KFC for dinner last night.  The food was not good but I got this really interesting photo of the sunset through the window.  Look closely and you will see our reflection in the glass.  I think it's art!


Jan Mains said...

There must be a reason there is no one else in the restaurant. We haven't been in that one for at least 15 years.

Wanderin' said...

Congratulations on the solar. I'm sure you'll be happy you have it.

where's weaver said...

The best things come in threes. Your tree is wonderful.

Good job Doug. Enjoy the solar.

Linda Sand said...

I agree that you are going to love having solar power. Oh, the freedom along with peace and quiet!

I love that you make room for a good-sized Christmas tree.

Back before we hit the road in 2008 we used to go to KFC once a month on our way to visit friends. We haven't done that in nearly forever. I wonder if I would like their food now?

George Yates said...

Good job on the solar I am sure you will love the freedom it gives you. ( years with ours and sure is nice.
We gave up on KFC a long time ago. We have found a few good places with Broaster chicken, very similar but oh so much better, especially cooked to order.

Ed and Lyn said...

We just put solar on ours too. Looking forward to doing some boondocking to try it out.
Your Christmas tree is pretty. I haven't put mine up yet.