Friday, October 23, 2015


Monday morning we got that hitch attached and get off for St. Louis.  Three nights at Walmarts and all good.  

The best Walmart stay we have ever had was Ames, Iowa.  We were directed to the back parking lot.  That's where the receiving bays are and I was not hopeful.  The lot was huge and the receiving bays were far off.  We were all alone back there.  Open fields on two sides.

From Ames, we headed to Columbia, Missouri so that we would have just a short hop to St. Louis.  We thought that if we got into the city around lunch time the traffic would be lighter.  Well it wasn't.  We managed just fine.  It turns out that the rv park we choose was actually in Cahokia which is over the bridge in Illinois.

After a short nap, Graeme and Adrienne, arrived.  (with gifts, thank you!)  

Taken at the restaurant.
We discussed dinner and Adrienne had a plan.  She had thought that we would enjoy the famous Lambert's in Sikeston, Missouri.  We were not quite prepared for how far it was but it was an "experience restaurant".  Many of our rv friends have visited.  This is the home of the famous "Home of the Throwed Rolls".  The rolls were fabulous and plentiful.

Doug had chicken livers (yuck)

We spent the evening discussing how we can help Adrienne  immigrate to Canada.  They are obviously in love and want to be together.  Adrienne is a freelance web designer so her work comes with her.

Today we are getting together with Adrienne's mother and entering a trivia competition at a local watering hole.


George Yates said...

You are making good progress.
Have been to Lamberts in Foley Alabams a few times. It is an experience thats for sure and the rolls wonderful.

Linda Sand said...

I like Lambert's because I go home with lots of leftovers. Unlike you, I don't like to cook so leftovers are good.

Isn't it great when our kids find love? I hope Grahame and Adrienne find a way to be together.

Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

WOW...that Ames parking lot is huge. Looks like you could live there...if there were hook ups of course.

What fun seeing Graeme and Adrienne. Lambert's is a great place to go and have a great time.

Wanderin' said...

We visited Lamberts in Alabama a few years ago and tried ago a few weeks ago. However, the line was too long.

Look at it this way. They could each live in Canada for 6 months and the US for 6 months. If they are married, is there a problem with her settling there? Carrie Underwood does it. :)

Jan Mains said...

It seems like we were just there, but I really enjoy it. We usually stop when in the area.