Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Reunited at Last

David and his family arrived right on time on Tuesday.  We chose a local ranch to meet up so tears shed would be private.  And believe me, there were plenty.

Doug Nickolas, David, me and Lizzy
We got a family photo at the ranch.

We had David and his family for several days on our own.  I had to work a few shifts but we managed to show them some sights both in Merritt and Kamloops.  Food seems to be the determining factor.

On our way to breakfast at Cora's in Kamloops

On Friday, Jason and his family arrived in the pouring rain.  More tears.  A moment I have been waiting for my entire life.

David meets David.  Michelle is obviously pleased.
We did a lot of hugging.  There are many more pictures.  Sophie, our 8 year old granddaughter, was charming, they all loved her.  We had campfires and went out to dinner more than once.

The rain took a toll on the families clothing.  Soaked in the tent.  Off to the laundry.  9 loads of washing.

On Sunday we all hopped in different vehicles and drove to Vancouver for more reunions. I took David to meet my father, his grandfather.  During this time Graeme had an impacted wisdom tooth.  He did make it to Niki's on Sunday afternoon.

My three sons, at last reunited.  David, Jason and Graeme
 We posed this picture.  Several of our children are missing but....

Graeme, Stefani, David, Niki, Mike, Jason and Michelle
We had invited some friends to meet the family as well.  I am sure it was very overwhelming for them.

Friends, Bianca (husband Jack missing from picture), me, Aneal and my friend Sreedevi.
The following morning, we had to go back to the park.  We left David, Stefani, Lizzy and Nickolas with Jason.  He was going to introduce him to his father's side of the family.

Jason and David
And then the whole family including half sisters, cousins, his biological father, and two grandmothers.

Half sisters are Jennifer (in black on the left end), Justine (in black in the center), father Glenn (Chicago t-shirt) and half sister Tara (second from the end right)
I miss them all so much already. 

 Thank you Stefani, for all this would not have happened without your diligence in your search.  Thank you Lizzy and Nickolas for being such wonderfully affectionate.  We are all so comfortable with each other.  Just like family!

We will be reunited again in 6 weeks in Minnesota.  I think I can make it.


Peter + Beatrix said...

This is so good on you and your family. Wonderful days!

Wanderin' said...

Fabulous! Fantastic! Wonderful! So happy that you all found each other.

George Yates said...

Awesome is the way and so nice to get all reconnected.

Jan Mains said...

I'm so happy for all of you. Awesome group photo.

Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Wonderful family photos!

What a wonderful ending to a beautiful fairy tale. Y'all look so happy. I am sure you are marking off the days on the calendar until you meet again in MN. So happy for y'all.

Linda Sand said...

Yay for families! It feels good to see yours reunited.