Saturday, February 14, 2015

IT'S A WRAP!!!! - Food, food, food and more food

We did it!  It feels amazing!  Really, a lot of hard work, a lot of pressure.  But we did it and we had fun.  So many thanks to all the people who helped us make it successful.  Literally, hats off to the helpers.

Our week began Monday night when we headed off to Sams' Club to buy the supplies for two breakfasts and two dinners for a 100 people.  I had made lists and cost estimates and now it came to fruition.  Strange to spend someone else's money.

The truck was loaded nearly to the roof.

Two fridges and two freezers filled
Wednesday morning we started at 6:00 am for breakfast at  8:30 am.  On the menu, an egg scramble, toast, and juice.  We served 102 diners in 35 minutes.  The kitchen and the hall were totally cleaned 10 minutes after that.  We were not responsible for clean-up.  I wish I could always have a clean up crew in my kitchen after baking.

Preparing breakfast.  Thank goodness for the roasters.  A great place to store 250 slices of toast.

Wednesday suppertime was reasonably easy for us as we held a Chilli Cook-off.  Fifteen entries, 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes were awarded and then the diners ate the chilli.  We provided cole-slaw, buns and toppings.  For dessert there was ice cream. 

Friday evening was the biggest, most challenging meal.  We prepared 400 chicken wings, and 50 pounds of potatoes.  The wings were "twice" cooked and the potatoes became herbed, roasted, chopped small potatoes.  The challenge is to have all that and apple crisp ready at the same time.  There is a huge commercial convection oven in the kitchen but there was way more food than capacity.

Friday night after the BBQ chicken dinner, we prepared the French Toast casserole for the breakfast.  The dish needs to be refrigerated overnight.   Believe me, the fact that it was already prepared was a such good thing.  In the morning we were completely exhausted.  We just had to chop up cantaloupe, pineapple and add grapes to fruit cups and  pour juice.

Preparing the french toast

96 fruit cups.  All the fruit was fresh and chopped in the morning.

The French Toast was scrumptious.
Throughout this whole blog you have not seen Doug.  Oh, he was there, every step of the way.  He keeps me anchored.  He insisted that I take breaks.   He supervised the set up and the take down.  He was incredible.

Only a small part of our team.  Evelyn, Mickey, Doug, Toni and Pam.
Will we do it again next year?  We are negotiating!


Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

WOW...what an undertaking, and you did it all with the utmost class. Congratulations.

Jim and Sandie said...

Tomorrow you can relax and breathe again. You did a fantastic job and I'm sure everybody had a great time and great food.

Linda Sand said...

Of course it was a success--you were in charge! Now I'm craving French toast. :)

George Yates said...

It is so nice when things just come together and the results are amazing. now you can relax for a bit before taking on another fun chore like that again.

Traveling Along said...

I do hope they at least compensated you for your site during all this. A lot of hard work.

heyduke50 said...

wow what a feast and what an ordeal, well done!

Wanderin' said...

I bet you're glad that's behind you!

Sue B said...

Now that was a ton of food!!!!