Saturday, December 13, 2014


Tomorrow it will be two weeks since we arrived in Casa Grande.  It seems longer.  There is a lot going on in this park all the time. 
I was asked to be emcee at the daily Happy Hour.  I usually like to have more than a day's notice but I feel pretty comfortable with this crowd.  I told them about the exciting things that have happened to us since left here last January.

I started with the fact that we have two more grandchildren.

Edie was born January 2, 2014

Vincent was born December 3, 2014

In February we went on The Price is Right.  We didn't win but we sure had fun.


AND THEN... We met David, the son I gave up for adoption in 1967.  Our time with David and his family was amazing.  We had to leave Minnesota as it was beginning to snow but we will see them all again in July in British Columbia.

The first minutes
All of us

 The emceeing thing went fine.  

We have decorated the shed on our site and will be decorating the tree soon.

Generally, Doug and I have been relaxing and taking it easy.  To that end we signed up for the free month of Netflix and have been enjoying movies everynight.  We have 70 some channels of tv from our antenna but usually there is nothing on.

We try not to get too involved in the park activities but I am organizing the Christmas Eve get-together in the clubhouse and helping with the Christmas Party on the 20th.

Last night we went to a Christmas Party at SKP friends Jan and Bill's house in Casa Grande.  Very beautiful house, really great people.

We are making new "curtains" for the rig and making little improvements all the time.  Doug renovated his chair so the poor thing has a stay of execution for now.

The most recent change is that we have decided to change our eating habits.  We saw one too many feedlot on the way from Minnesota and have decided to give up beef and pork.  We are not going to become vegetarians, we don't think. We are going to eat chicken and fish and lots of soup and salads.  


Jan Mains said...

We're so glad you could come and we hope to be seeing more of you two while you're in the area.

Linda Sand said...

Wow! That is a big change in your eating! Especially Doug eating salads. :)

Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

We rarely eat beef and only once in a great while eat pork. Chicken and fish we really like. Good luck with your healthy eating choices.