Saturday, November 1, 2014


As a new day and a new month begin, I need to bring my blog up to date.  

Sunrise out the window.  Behind the "knob".
 Doug is all done with the dentist.  Two visits, two fillings, a root canal and three crowns.   Not fun but necessary.

Dr. Janira Rodarte, Doug and the new receptionist, Alex
 As a result of this dentist situation, we will have to put off solar for another year.  We have a brand new very quiet generator that will do us quite well.  Yes, we will be shunned by some, but we will deal with it.

We have just been hanging out in the desert.  We try not to do too much.  We are still not recovered from our busy, stressful summer in the park and the very emotional (HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY) reunion with my son David.  So we do one or two errands every second or third day.  We are filling up on alone time.

We are making plans.  The only real plan we have settled on is being in the SKP park near Casa Grande on the 4th of December for a month.  Last year we attended the Electric Christmas parade and thoroughly enjoyed it.  This year that`s the 6th of December so we will be there.  Christmas at the SKP park is always such fun.

 We have a lot of friends in Casa Grande.  I do have to try to limit my socializing though.  Some years I have burnt out.

New Years`Eve is also fun.  Some people have a little too much fun.  I, on, the other hand have just the right amount of fun.

From Pilot Knob, outside of Yuma, ta ra til next time.


Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

I can't believe the holidays are right around the corner. Where in the heck did 2014 go?

Wanderin' said...

The important thing is that Doug has his teeth all fixed up now. I bet he feels better too.

Linda Sand said...

Good for Doug for getting it all done. I will camp with you even with your generator if I get close enough to do that. The main reason I don't have a generator is because I didn't want to have to maintain it. I wonder where I will be at Christmas? That's too far away for me to make a plan yet but I understand wanting to be with the community at Casa Grande.

Jim and Sandie said...

Well, we will camp together again because solar is not in our future. Which works for me. Hopefully it's cooled down your way like it has here in AJ.