Saturday, October 11, 2014


I hate to even think about it but Tuesday morning we will be leaving Bagley and this wonderful new family.  We have been helping them plan their trip out west to see us in the summer.
 We have talked and laughed, met a ton of friends and a lot of family.  We are being referred to as gramma and grampa and David even changed his call display from "Toni" to "Mom".  Wow!

It's been really cold and most mornings our water is frozen.  No more sign of the white stuff.

David's sister is the curator of a little museum in Shevlin just out of Bagley.  We met her and toured the museum.   

We watched most of the first Canucks game.  We are 2 hours ahead in Minnesota so the game didn't even start until 9:00 pm.  The Canucks shone, and won the game.  I think the family just kept us company.  Hockey isn't really their thing.

 We drove over to Bemidji for a truck repair and did a bit of sightseeing and shopping.  The last time I visited Paul Bunyan and Babe I was eight years old.  They seemed a lot bigger then.

The gift shop is full of over-sized Paul stuff.  

 The rest of the day was spent bringing our techie stuff up to date.  We decided to go with our Verizon hot spot again and again their staff is very nice but there were problems with the activation process.  Surprisingly, Doug bought himself a cellphone.  It just phones and texts but for me that is wonderful.  No more wondering why he hasn't come back from an hour long walk after two hours!

We went to Home Depot looking for another propane heater and found a Ryobi generator on sale.  We are still getting solar installed in Arizona but need something for the way south.  The Ryobi was on sale from $529 to $411.  The price tag stated 35% off and we originally thought that $411 was that.  Nope, it cost $280.  If we use it for just this winter, it's a bargain.  Oh yeah, one year guarantee still applies!


Sue said...

At least you'll leave there already knowing that you'll see them again. Hope that helps.

Jim and Sandie said...

I can't even imagine how hard it is going to be for you to leave. But summer isn't too far away and time passes so quickly. And you have all of us to look forward to seeing. lol

Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

What family fun y'all are having. I am with Sandie....I can't image the tears that are going to flow on Tuesday. But on a positive will see them in the summer! Safe travels.

Linda Sand said...

Just keep saying, "We've found each other now. We aren't going to lose each other again." Then cry some more anyway. But they are happy tears too now.

Jan Mains said...

What a bargain for the generator!

Sue B said...

frozen water is no fun..but soon you will be warm again!
enjoy the last few days with your new 'family members'.