Monday, October 20, 2014


On our way here, we passed a little town called Greensburg.  We were through it when Doug says "Greensburg, I know about Greensburg".  We turned around and went back.

Greensburg, Kansas was wiped out in 2007 by a tornado.  95% of the town's buildings were destroyed.  Eleven people perished.


Greensburg was the home of the world's largest hand-dug well.  It's still is.

The citizens of Greensburg decided to rebuild the town "green".  Power is now supplied by 10 - 1.5 MW wind turbines.
The Big Well

See our rig from the top of the building


As we expected, we are going to be staying a few more days.  There are 134 sites in this park and I bet there are 15 occupied.  It is very restful.


Yesterday we investigated the little town of Logan, New Mexico about 2 miles from the park.  There is a surprisingly extensive grocery store.  There is a brand new laundromat attached to the one motel in town.  I felt privileged to use the machines.  While we were there a seemingly normal guy came in to do laundry.  He talked and talked and talked.  Seems he has been cursed by his ex-wife and is having a terrible time.  Hopefully he won`t come looking for us.


Jim and Sandie said...

The human spirit is really amazing in its resilience. The park really is beautiful. We should be in Albuquerque sometime next week.

Jan Mains said...

You are always so helpful to people, he must have been drawn to you. Hope to see you soon.

Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

I admire people who can bounce back and see the good in an awful situation.

Wanderin' said...

That certainly was a terrible event. It's a wonder the people stayed and rebuilt. I would be worried about the next one.