Sunday, June 22, 2014


Look how lopsided he is with one antler shorter than the other.

We have been here at Monck Park for 2 months and 2 days.  During that time we have had 2 full days off.
We have sometimes worked 12 hour and even 14 hour days.  For 1 month we had another couple here and now we have been mostly alone with this big park.

We hired back Gordon (4th from the right) as outside staff.  Gord is a joy to have around.  He has loads of enthusiasm and the campers love him.  He is the official Santa Claus in Merritt.

We also hired Gord's wife, Donna (third from the right).  She has caught on so fast, I am now confident to leave her alone in the gatehouse.  At last I can go home at 4:00 pm most days.

Donna and Gord both work at the local Walmart so are only available part time.

And then, drumroll, Sue and Doug arrived yesterday.

Doug and Doug (christened "the double D's" by Sue) work outside together.  My Doug is so happy with the situation.  It takes so much pressure off him.

Sue is working in the gatehouse with me.  Although big Dawg told me Sue was nervous about working here because she has never done anything but in the medical field, she is INCREDIBLE.  One full day and she is comfortable and just about ready to take over for me.  Sue and Doug are just going to be able to work weekends until the 11th of July and then Sue will be here full-time.

This makes us so happy.  We have known each other for more than 4 years and we are so comfortable together.  We have a lot in common.  

Last night we shared dinner with them.  The first company we have had in 2 months.

I didn't get any pictures at dinner but I do have a couple to share.

Dinner guest

The reflection


Jan Mains said...

I'm so happy for your two.

where's weaver said...

Well it is about time. So glad you two might get an entire day off together. Enjoy having compete people around.

Jim and Sandie said...

Glad it's all going to work out for you finally. You deserve a day off or maybe even two.

Sue B said...

glad you have the confidence in our abilities. One can only hope that my skills will improve.

Wanderin' said...

This will be a great summer having friends work with you. This is also a great opportunity that you have given them. Hope things go easy for you and have lots of fun times.

Linda Sand said...

Hello friends; goodbye long days with no breaks. Life looks much better now.