Friday, April 11, 2014


We have been at the coast for 15 days and thought you might like to know what we have been up to.

That's us behind this beautiful plum tree in bloom.

We were at our lovely spot in Langley only 4 days when we moved into our daughter and son-in-law's house in the city of Vancouver.  We were to house/child/dog sit for 10 days while they went to Nashville, Tennessee. 

Charlie in the living room

 The grandchildren, Nico 17, and Jakob 12 are no problem at all.  The dog Charlie, a labradoodle, is not much of a problem.  The problem was the stairs, the highly glazed concrete floors and the low-to-the-floor furniture.  None suitable for anyone our age.  And I had wrecked my knee the day we arrived.  15 stairs up, 15 stairs down and furniture that is low to the floor and impossible for us to get out of.

Charlie waits for his people

The family is vegetarian.  We managed.  We snuck out for McDonald's a couple of times.  We bought candies and chips.  I am sure we each lost a few pounds, something we could do with anyhow.


Now we are back in Langley and trying to schedule all the appointments we have this week before we leave for Merritt on Saturday.  We see Graeme for one meal or another everyday.  We have visited the doctor and he wants a couple of tests done.  We have to visit my father again.  We have to renew our insurance.  And I have to get my haircut.  We have a date for dinner on Sunday and another one for another on Friday.  We are taking Sophie out to dinner for her birthday tonight.  We are having friends over tomorrow.   Busy, busy, busy.

By the way.  Doug and I have been sick for over 6 weeks now.  Started with a cough and runny nose, then Doug had a terrible earache for 2 weeks.  We both then had incredible body aches in all our joints.  At this point we were quite sure that this was something more than your run-of -the mill cold.  The day we arrived I twisted my knee and could not put any weight on it.  It's getting better but very slowly.  

We went to the doctor about all this and he says we have a virus.  Our doctor does know about Valley Fever and he has scheduled tests to determine whether that is what it is.  He highly doubts it but we want to make sure.


Jim and Sandie said...

Stairs and low furniture are definitely not good for "older" bodies. Sure hope they can find out for sure what is wrong. And if it is a virus there's not much they can do for it is there?

Sue and Doug Bidniak said...

glad we made the list..sounds like the two of you are very busy!! see you tomorrow afternoon!!

Linda Sand said...

That's a long time to be sick. I hope they find the reason soon and that there is a cure for it.

I've been known to pull out a kitchen chair to sit on when living room furniture is low. No one wants to have to pull me up every time I sit down and that's the only way I can get up from low furniture.

Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

You two sure have a lot of " We haves." Glad you can fit in a few visits with the family.

You did sweep the floor before you left the kids house. You don't want to leave any evidence of the chips.

Hope you start feeling much much better.

Wanderin' said...

Sounds like you've been a lot busier than you normally like to be. At least you figured out how to get your meat fix by going out to McDonalds for a hamburger or two during that ten day stint. Now you can enjoy eating what you like to eat! Hope you get better soon. It's no fun being sick.

Jan Mains said...

Keep us posted on what the doctor finds out. I wouldn't be surprised if it is valley fever.