Tuesday, April 29, 2014


When there is no one in the park, the animals come out. 


This is a picture blog.  These are animals we see almost daily. 


We used to have only one pair of osprey.  We now have at least two pair.  I know that I complain a lot about the noise these birds make but they are quite magnificent.  The latest pair are making their new home in a dead tree right above campsite 11.  I don’t think the nest will be there long.  The question is who is going to be most bothered about the other’s presence, the birds or the campers?


                                                                          April 26_12232


The park has a resident family of deer.  We have seen them year after year.  We have even given some of them names.  One has an ear that doesn’t stand as tall as the other.   We call her Floppy.  The pair we saw yesterday are not the regular ones.   They are so fast, getting any picture is difficult.  There were two does and a buck about three years old.  Look closely, she is very camouflaged.


                                                                                        April 26_12229


The squirrel and chipmunks are just starting to show up.  We have numerous pictures from years past, none this year.  You all know what they look like.   There is one squirrel who greets the morning at almost the same time each day, 7 o’clock.


This is a great shot of a marmot sunning himself/herself on a rock.   Marmot are the nemesis of my brother-in-law and sister-in-law who live just up the road.  Marmot can wipe out a vegetable garden in no time. 


                                                                                                                           April 26_12262


Meanwhile back at the ranch- Nicola ranch.  We have to pass through Nicola ranch on the way to the park.   We estimate they have 800 head of cattle.  The cows are all in the process of calving.  The calves are so cute.  We have even seen a couple of moments-old calves.   These are all Black Angus and rarely are they anything but solid black.  However, last year we met one who has a totally white face.   We called her White Face, she wears tag #29.   Lo and behold, this years’ calf has a solid white face as well.  We have a photo of White Face but not of her calf.   Here are a few interesting shots though.  Some cows seem to be looking after several calves.


April 26_12260April 16_12208April 16_12212



We generally think of pelicans as being an exotic bird seen around the Gulf.  They migrate north at this time of year.  When fishing, a group of pelicans form a circle, bills out, like a fishing net.   At first glance this looks like a white raft on the lake.   Very impressive when they fly too.


                                                                      April 16_12200


And then there is our newcomer.  A lake beaver.   Very destructive animal in the park.  We haven’t seen him yet but we know he is out there.


April 16_12197April 16_12198


And who is this rare animal??


                                                                                          April 26_12259


Jim and Sandie said...

Well, I personally hope the Osprey win. I know they are really really noisy but I love watching them. Love those animals - but that last one is definitely the most interesting.

Wanderin' said...

I love watching all the little critters. I guess that means Doug to.

Linda Sand said...

That last animal gave me quite a chuckle. Which seems only fair. He's made me chuckle in person, too.

Sue B said...

lots of 'animals' in the park! thanks for sharing..better watch out for that last one though!!

where's weaver said...

You pert near are living in a zoo.

Is that last picture a Dougasaures?