Sunday, March 30, 2014


Sorry, it's been a while.  We have been having internet problems.  For that reason, I am posting on Doug's computer which will not allow me to upload pictures to the blog.

We arrived back in Langley and Friday noon.  We got all set up and were waiting for Graeme to arrive when I stepped up the stairs on the rig wrong.  Crack! went my knee.  The pain.  For three days I was hobbling around.  But today - all better.

The last leg of our return. We left Lincoln City in the pouring rain and went to Nehalem Bay State park on the Oregon coast.  We stayed just one night but got there early to take advantage of the power and water.  That was just our third night in 2014 with hookups!

On to Joe Spiker's RV resort at Oak Harbor on Whidbey Island for our last night in the great U S of A.  Joe is always such a gracious host.  Lots of conversation.  (yes we did talk about all of you).  

Friday was an easy short drive, again in the pouring rain.  Rain is not a big deal but getting our clothes dry after a soaking is.

So now we are here and we are going to have an interesting time.

Tuesday we will actually have to pack a suitcase and a bunch of other stuff (including meat) and go housesit at our daughter's house in the city.  They are vegetarian and the children don't eat meat (or apparently gluten).   Our granddaughter who is a great cook thinks she's going to do all the cooking.  I don't think so.  We will be there 10 days.  I will be able to use my own computer and post pictures.   Dishwasher, fabulous laundry pair, bathtub and all the bells and whistles television on two giant screens.

So until Tuesday, good night and good luck.


Sue and Doug Bidniak said...

Glad that you landed safely back in good old Canada..
sorry to hear about your knee!
10 days in a 'luxurious place' sounds like a 'vacation!! enjoy your stay in and doing laundry and watching the TV's!!!

Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Great news about getting home safely.

Boy, you two are going to think you died and went to heaven with all the luxuries. Now if they could just move that house to AZ in front of a big mountain, you would be all

Wanderin' said...

You may get so spoiled you may just stay put and make them find a new house. Squatters should have certain rights.

Jim and Sandie said...

So are the grands going to be allowed to eat the meat that you cook? The battle of the kitchen. lol Sure glad your knee is okay. These fifth wheel steps can really be dangerous. Just ask me.

Linda Sand said...

Letting your granddaughter cook would make this more of a vacation for you. Vegetarian and gluten-free strikes me as a hard combination. You could cook some meat for you and Doug to go with it but let her do the rest? I'd feel guilty trying to cook for everyone if they got sick from it. And gluten intolerance is not a joke. Even a little flour in the gravy can cause problems. I know you are a good cook but I sure hope this doesn't become a battle between you and your granddaughter.

Jan Mains said...

I can't wait to hear how the kitchen battle turns out. Glad there wasn't any long term physical damage.

Bea said...

Oh, no! Hope you are better by now.
I am curious how you solve the food item. I would be overwhelmed if I had to cook for vegetarians, especially for kids. They can be so fussy.