Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Many of you have been concerned about our muddy situation down here in Tucson.  It poured rain for 48 straight hours.

This was the lake across the road from us on Sunday.  The rain had stopped.

  Many of you may have heard Albertan Corb Lund's song The Truck got Stuck.  It goes like this:

                                    The Chev got stuck and the Ford got stuck
                                    But the Chev unstuck when the Dodge showed up
                                    But the Dodge got stuck in the tractor rut
                                    Which eventually pulled out the Ford

At the end of the song, the truck gets out because they used a sack of canola seed for traction.  We do not have any canola seed.
This picture was taken today.  The ruts have been filled in and the ground is almost dry.

Our truck did get stuck but with 4 wheel drive, we unstuck it.  But the heavy rain made the desert floor like quicksand.  We could not chance getting the rig stuck.  So we have been waiting.  Waiting for the ground to dry out.

Tomorrow morning we will carefully pull out, avoiding the ruts and going very slowly.  We do have some planks but Doug thinks we will be okay.  We only have to get to here, and we are home free.

We are going just down the road to stay in a park for two days.  We can fill up the water, empty the tanks and enjoy free electricity.  We will then go back to the place we left but we will choose a gravelly less-attractive spot.


Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Thanks for the update. We were wondering all y'all were doing. We had five straight days of rain here in Houston...yuck!

Robert Ritchie said...

Glad to see you got out o.k., those Fords will go anywhere. Interesting how much water us out front. We would have been sitting waiting also. Catch up to you soon. Busy around Olgiby and Pilot Knob with all the ATV folks, but got free fireworks last night.

Jim and Sandie said...

Glad you made it out. Today was windy and almost cold here. But at least the sun was shining.

Wanderin' said...

We used to carry kitty litter for problems with ice. It works too. I'm glad you made it. I'm sure you realize everyone was worried about you.