Saturday, November 16, 2013




We are now three friends together in the desert outside Tucson.  Karen and Bob from Chase, BC have joined Terry and Edie and Doug and I.  We went to Tiny’s for dinner.  Tiny’s is a “biker bar” but we have been there twice before and the food was excellent.

Nov 15_9578

The place was packed.  The waitress did not take a very good picture but once again the food was delicious and plentiful.  Be prepared if you visit Tiny’s, they only take cash.

Nov 15_9594

                 Edie, Karen, Toni, Doug, Bob and Terry

We are parked behind a hill known as Snyder Hill.  Yesterday morning, early before it got hot, Doug and I climbed that hill.  It was not easy, well not easy for me, but I did it.

Nov 15_9613

There was a lot to see from up there. 

There are our rigs.

                                                             Nov 15_9606

Bob and Karen’s “Journey” on the left, then a stranger, then Terry and Edie’s

“See Ya”

Nov 15_9605

                    Our rig on the left, and then Bob and Karen’s

There were some strange things to see as well.  This is an RV park with a rifle range.

Nov 15_9624

and tell me, why would a house in Tucson, Arizona, need two huge chimneys?


Nov 15_9616


                Nov 15_9620

See the golf tee.  Ha ha, like hitting golf balls off the moon.

What happened here?  This saguaro is less than 5 feet tall, and it has all these arms but it is obviously dead.

                      Nov 15_9631

On the way down, treacherous to say the least, we explored three little caves.  The first two were inhabited by pack rats, but the third…who would have thought…

Nov 15_9645


honey bees!!!!!!!! in a cave!!!! we were very careful.

There is a pair of very interesting birds hanging around.  They are gigantic.  They have a nest, maybe in another cave, and hunt constantly.  We haven’t been able to get a picture of them in flight but they have that extra row of feathers at the end of their wings, like pin feathers.  Anyone know what this could be?

Nov 15_9583


where's weaver said...

What a near trail.

Those are the ugliest chimneys I have seen on a house.

Linda Sand said...

Wow, you climbed WAY up there. I'm impressed.

Maybe the owner of the house does pottery and those chimneys are for kilns?

Wanderin' said...

That was definitely quite a climb. Good job!

Sue and Doug said...

quite the climb but the view would have been worth it!!!

Peter + Beatrix said...

Those 2 chimneys on that house are probably used for the ovens which cremate the bodies of all those Arizona shoot-outs. After all AZ is the land of free guns.