Sunday, September 1, 2013


For Canadian full-timers, the end of summer is an exciting time.  For those of us that work during the summer, the end of summer is absolutely

7 am and he's on his way

Yesterday we held the last two events of the season.  In the afternoon, I hosted an END OF SUMMER party for the campers.  The remaining proceeds of our movie nights were used for a big cake, pop, chips and goodie bags.  The parents and the kids had a good time.  Last night we showed Puss in Boots at the amphitheater.  We had a big crowd, lots of giggles and even applause. 

Tomorrow the park starts its closing procedures.  I work one more shift in the gatehouse and then Doug and I become the only park operators in the park until the 16th of September.  (Ohhh, it's September already).  Our responsibilities include collecting fees, cleaning sites, cleaning washrooms, and collecting garbage.  It's not bad at all.  After Labour Day, the campers are almost all seniors and we all know that they are no trouble and very clean and orderly.  (too old to be any trouble - wine not beer).

For us tomorrow brings other changes too.  Our son Graeme is coming up for a visit.  Coming along with Graeme is his best friend, Michael, and his girlfriend Jiyoung.   Michael is a chef and has been working in Japan for the past few years.  His girlfriend is from Korea.  Michael is like our third son.  Graeme and Michael have been best buddies since pre-school.

Graeme 1st on the left in the bottom row.  Michael last on the right in the back row.

And 23 years later still best buds.

Wednesday morning we move from Park Host site up to the compound at the top of the park.  Mixed feelings about the move.  We love our Park Host site. We enjoy being down in the park with the campers and the site is so pretty.  However, up on the compound we are close to the garage with the much needed golf carts and more importantly, close to the washing machine and clothes line!

Our Park Host site in the park.
our site up on the compound

Today I am going to book our RV park in Langley and make appointments with our doctor.  Once our friends and family at the coast know we will be in their midst for a couple of weeks, the invites will start flowing in. Hope, hope!

It will be a busy two weeks but then.....



palamine said...

I have no idea why "work" and "family" are highlighted. Jeri - help?

tdhomestead said...

Best wishes as you wind things up!

Linda Sand said...

Apparently I get to find out a bit what it's like to be Canadian. Dave just told me my vehicle insurance requires I be here 6 months of the year. So I won't be heading out before mid-October since I came home April 17th. I'm already not liking that restriction even though I planned to be here until then anyway. :)

Wanderin' said...


I was thinking of a new blog and your title was already dancing in my head. Summer is at an end. All the rowdy campers will head home. Even the weekends will be far more empty than they have been. I'm going to love this for a while.

Sue said...

Time for you to start relaxing! But don't relax so much that you forget to come to Arizona!

Sue and Doug said...

hard to believe that the summer is almost over, already? :(

Nan Talley said...

Now, you can have more fun that usual! Enjoy...Get ready to sing the song....On the road again.