Friday, June 21, 2013


Today I thought you might like to come along with us on our early morning rounds.
As you can see, we started a little late this morning.  We usually start at 7:00 am but the park isn’t busy right now.
June 2013_7267
The first stop is to pick up our transportation.  Battery powered golf carts. We have two but we like the faster one.
June 2013_7272
And who’s this coming up the hill.  The boss!  She usually goes out early and has a report on what’s what in the park.

June 2013_7273

Then we stop at the gatehouse, put up the rollers and load up with firewood and ice, as required.
June 2013_7274
Then it’s on the the pump house where we check the flow of water and the chemicals in it.  We have really good water in the park.  Rain water with just a touch of chlorine.
June 2013_7277

Not everyday but today we checked the playground to make sure that it’s safe for the children. 
June 2013_7290
On we got to the Day Use/Beach area.  We check the garbage, the washrooms, the change houses and the beach.
June 2013_7295
This morning there was a pair of Grebe at the water’s edge.
June 2013_7299

I like to keep the fountain clean.  The Canada Geese find it convenient to roost on the fountain and they leave their dirty mess.
June 2013_7296

The washrooms and change houses are clean.  Off we go.

June 2013_7303
The main washrooms take a little longer to clean.  Toilet paper replaced, sinks and toilets cleaned, floor mopped.
June 2013_7309
Heading back now, we encounter a party boat coming in.  We have a nice boat ramp and the locals like to launch here because it is Free!
June 2013_7312
Like most places of work, the water cooler is where we meet to discuss our morning.  Oh, that’s not a water cooler, that’s a giant propane tank.  Oh well, same conversation!
June 2013_7313
Message to Jeri – I still don’t like LIVE WRITER.  Teach me when we are together PLEASE!


Wanderin' said...

I LOVE Live Writer and can't imagine posting without it because you can do your entire blog off line and everything falls into space exactly where you want it. Yes .. we'll work on getting you where you like it too.

Judy and Emma said...

Your map widget shows you in London, England. Can this be true?

Jim and Sandie said...

I am so excited about having Live Writer back again. It is the best program ever. What??? No picture of Doug going down the slide?

Linda Sand said...

Work, indeed! You certainly do earn your way there.

Sue said...

great post! Nice to see what you do!