Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Not much going on here.  We have a fair amount of campers on the weekends but weekdays are pretty quiet.

We did have one uninvited camper though.

Sorry it's a bit blurry.  Not a lot of time.  This is right outside our door.  Our co-worker had opened the door and said "B B B B B BEAR!!!"  It ran away but now we have to warn people.  Luckily, although it was small, it was a "yearling" and there was no Mama around protecting her cub.

We have a lot of these invited guests too.  This little guy has become very brave.  I leave snacks in the pocket of the chair.
The other day was Doug's brother's birthday and we went to a dinner party at their house.  Some pictures.
The view.  Postcard-like wouldn't you say?

Our meal.  Roast lamb, mashed potatoes, yorkshire pudding, brussel sprouts and mixed vegetables.

And two birthday cakes.
I will have something more interesting to post next time.  Today there is an Escapee rally in our little town and we are going.  It will be fun to be able to speak rvese.  There are going to be friends, and of course food.


Linda Sand said...

Bears that young make me nervous because I always expect Mama Bear to be close by. Never want to get between the two.

Jim and Sandie said...

Hopefully Mr. Bear has found other quarters. Such an English sounding birthday dinner. Have fun with the rally folks.

Wanderin' said...

At least you got to see the bear running away and not towards you. Hope you have fun meeting all the Escapees. Knowing you .. I'm sure you'll join right in. Sounds like fun.

Sue and Doug said...

a bear?..my goodness!
have fun at the rally!!!

Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

WOW...wonder what the poor little thing was doing so far from mom.

Enjoy your rally.

Traveling Along said...

They say that there might be some bears here at the COE park, but all we have seen are deer. We had chipmonks in New York where we worked. They got so they would take the sunflower seeds right from his hand.