Wednesday, May 8, 2013

OUR PARK - May 8, 2013

Tonight we took a walk around this great park we have had the privilege of working in for three summers now.  We looked at things through campers' eyes and took some pictures.  I hope you enjoy our little  picture tour of Monck Park.

This is our site, no one around now but soon.

One of the endangered plant species here, bunch grass

Ponderosa Pine

Typical campsite, a double on the water's edge.  The tree used to be an family of eagles home but they have abandoned it and moved elsewhere in the park.

Yes, we have washrooms.  No showers though.  The park was built a long time ago.

Campsite with Quilchena Resort on the opposite shore of Nicola Lake.

There are beach trails all over the park including one that is an hour long walk.

I had never seen this sign before tonight.  No wonder people ask for the horseshoes at our site.  They are actually in the Gatehouse, hmmmm

The Gatehouse, where I work.

The Day Use area.  The hole in the ground in the foreground is a pit the natives built their home over.  There are two in the Day Use area

Nice playground, crawling with half humans in the summertime.

The osprey's tree.  Fellow park worker, Anita, on the cart.

Towards the end of summer, when it gets dark earlier, we show movies here.  Such a neat experience.

Regular park guest.  Don't know why she is all alone this year.

Look closely.  That's a snake.  Just a garter snake Doug says.
 So that's our park.  Come on up, ya hear!


Wanderin' said...

You have an absolutely gorgeous place to spend the summer!

Sue and Doug said...

you know it's our favourite park!..see you soon!

Jim and Sandie said...

Doug, there is no such thing as "just" a snake be it a garter or not. I'm glad to see no snow on the ground which means you should really be busy, busy, busy this week-end.

Linda Sand said...

So you need to take some horseshoes home from work? Or make a new sign to post there or at your rig?

I like your calling kids half humans. :)

Eric said...

Looks like a great park