Saturday, April 20, 2013


Today was the last of my birthday celebrations.  Today’s celebration was also for Doug’s May 16th birthday but I know he will have more.


We travelled into Vancouver on the brand new Port Mann Bridge.  We really don’t have a choice but this is a toll bridge.  $3.00 each way. 

April 2013_6827

This bridge has been in the works for four years and although the bridge itself is finished, there is still a lot to do including taking down the old bridge which sits right beside it.  There are five lanes each way.  It is the widest bridge in the world and second longest cable-stayed bridge in North America.

                    April 2013_6822

Daughter Nicole and her children Nico 16, and Jakob 11 prepared a wonderful lunch.  They are vegetarian and we are never disappointed.  Nico had made a unique salad; several types of lettuce, pears, candied pecans and gorgonzola cheese.  Yummy.

                                                April 2013_6821 

A vegetarian shepherd’s pie was followed by the exquisite chocolate cake.

                     April 2013_6823

My gift?  I have been looking everywhere for one of these.

April 2013_6828

Now I can bake without power!  I also received wonderful chai tea and Doug got this most useful book.


                                April 2013_6829

Spoiled aren’t we?


Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

I want to be in your family. Your birthday celebrations last at least entire month.

Did the kids decorate the cake? It was beautiful.

Jim and Sandie said...

I remember using one of those when I was young. Along with the hand potato masher. That looks like a really fun book to read. Enjoy.

Linda Sand said...

Your gift took me back to 1967 when Dave was in Viet Nam. I sent him boxes of pudding mix, dried milk powder, and an egg beater just like that--chocolate pudding in the jungle. He and his fellow soldiers loved it. You will, too, I'm sure.

Sue and Doug said...

nice gift! an oldie but a goodie that still would work in a pinch!!
as for the Port Mann.. I think we are still using our 'free crossings' 20 free ones till bill as yet! yippee!