Wednesday, April 17, 2013



Friends are wonderful.   Escapee friends are special.

Yesterday our Escapee friend Joe, from Oak Harbour, on Whidbey Island had an “errand” to run in Vancouver.  He brought along his friend, Lynda, who we met in Quartzsite and bonded with instantly.  Wonderful girl.

Joe treated us to lunch at their favourite sushi place in Delta.  Lunch was good, the company great.

April 2013_6799April 2013_6798

Last evening, I was treated to dinner by our son Jason and his wife wife Michelle.   Their delightful daughters Ashleigh and Sophie too.  Doug’s back is still bothering him so he stayed home with our son Graeme and had take-out chicken.  I think our dinner was better.  Unusually, I forgot to take a picture of my meal.  I had Steak Pecan which was a filet topped with pecans and goat cheese and served with a twice baked potato and asparagus.  We had Mushrooms Neptune for an appetizer and birthday cake (yum) was on the house served with a sparkler.  I made them sing very quietly!  For those of you who know The Keg, will know how perfect the meal and service was.

Other than the picture of the whole group, Sophie took the pictures.  She just turned 6.

April 2013_6801April 2013_6803April 2013_6802

Jason is an electrician.  We had asked him to see if he could do anything about our converter which was blown in the great generator fiasco.  He said “he would try”.  Well, with a $4.70 part – IT’S FIXED!!!!! 

He was so surprised.  He had a Plan B.  Not needed.

February 2013_5788April 2013_6805

So, that’s it.  All that was damaged due to the generator problem has been fixed or replaced.  Overcoming difficulties is very rewarding.


Striper said...

Yep, lunch was good but the company was GREAT. Glad to hear you went on to have a full day of celebration Toni.


Linda Sand said...

Yay, Jason. Nice to have power back.

And dinner with friends is always good, too.

Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Were you celebrating your birthday or Sophie's? Which ever...happy birthday. nice to have someone that knows how safely work with electricity.

Jim and Sandie said...

Now that made a really good birthday. Two good meals, great friends, wonderful family and a fixed converter. Now if Doug's back would just quit bothering him.

Sue and Doug said...

happy birthday to you Toni! nothing like a Keg Dinner to celebrate!